Combining Tech and Entertainment

TubiTV is a data driven tech company serving the largest library of modern classics and cult favorite TV shows and movies


We make sure we show and continuously deliver each user the best content for them.

    1. High Level Overview of Current and Future Data Sorting Strategies

      1. Content Optimization: Trending / Most Popular/ Daily Reshuffling

      2. Smart Search.

      3. Autoplay.

      4. Recommendation Engine. Category Reranking by Viewership. Title Similarity.  Serving individualized content to people based on the habits

      5. Opening the aperture of content as users become more engaged (exclude?)


Who do we reach.

‘TubiTV reaches the full breadth of Americans”. Our top viewers skew X’

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What do they watch

    1. Titles - Top performing titles.

      1. Overall Top Movies

        1. Metrics: Completions. AO. Revenue.

          1. Brainstorming Details of Metrics:  Rev/person - from engaged people with caveat of browsers. Top daily revenue vs all time revenue.

          2. Top over/under performers

      2. Top Series

        1. Metrics: # Episodes. Series Completions. AO. Revenue.

      3. Top Female/Male Titles

        1. Metrics: Completions. Avg Age.

      4. Top Genres - broken into demographics (tubitv users table)

        1. Metrics: Completions. Avg Age. M/F Ratio. Top Titles. Revenue from Top Genres.